To begin with self-development, you should determine the concepts of self-development and self-improvement: what are the differences, and what methods are used. Self-development is an independently organized work of a person on himself, the result of which is intellectual, personal, and spiritual growth, the emergence of new knowledge and skills.

The next stage is self-improvement, i.e., bringing a person’s moral, moral, intellectual abilities, skills to a higher level. In the process of self-development or self-improvement, a person understands that he is doing the right thing, his intellect grows and social behavior changes. Following this, it rises. Intellectual growth entails personal growth, i.e., a person becomes more calm, self-confident, harmonious in his social manifestations.

How to start self-development

The very first and important thing in this process is to determine what it is for, and what goals are facing a person who has embarked on the path of improvement.

For a more complete and deep comprehension of the ultimate goal, it is necessary to imagine, realize and feel it. This can be done with the help of a complete muscle relaxation procedure. You need to sit in a comfortable position, preferably alone with yourself, close your eyes, and in complete silence concentrate attention, will, emotions on your goal. It is necessary to feel it, to realize it, to present it materially. After such an immersion, the brain begins to think clearly, to work in the direction of the task. It’s time to make a diary of self-development of the individual, a sample of which in general form is presented below:

There can be as many such plans in the personality development diary as you like. It all depends on the goals, desires, dreams of a person. The diary can contain plans for both intellectual and physical development. Each item is signed by day of the week and hours.

Let’s describe the plan on a specific example – to learn French and master it at a conversational level. Then the plan will look like this:

  1. Learn French
  2. I need to speak French to get a prestigious job.
  3. Tasks: learn the alphabet, understand grammar, increase vocabulary.
  4. Translate texts daily, listen to songs in French.
  5. Do not postpone the time of classes (I will study after watching the series).
  6. After a year – knowledge of French at a conversational level.

And don’t forget about alternative ways of learning the foreign language – for example, you can gamble in a virtual casino online in the French language.

How to start improving yourself

After development, perfection begins, the main purpose of which is to know oneself, the inner world. At this stage, a person conducts introspection: determines positive and negative, considers relationships with loved ones and other people, analyses the directions of the personality that need to be improved.

The transition to self-improvement looks something like this: the eradication …….